Girls Sports Academy Camp

Campers also receive daily ELA reinforcement sessions which revolve around reading comprehension and basic writing skills. 

“My first day was fun. I tried something new. At the beginning, I didn’t like volleyball, but at the end I liked it.” -Anesia

Each day the camp also offers life skills workshops tailored especially for girls discussing nutrition, peer pressure, personal health, etc…

“Thanks mom for sending me to this camp. I loved Coach Love. She pushed me and showed me I can do more then I thought I could do.” -Emoni

Not only are campers learning the fundamentals and skills of the sports chosen, but they get to show their parents how much they’ve learned…by playing against them on the last day of camp!!!

“Today I met 8 new people. I knew already knew one. I like basketball, but I will like to get better at volleyball.” -Candice