Adventure Club

Q: What activities are offered?

Day hikes, overnight camping, canoeing, rock climbing, cycling, horseback riding & teambuilding workshops

Q: How are participants transported?

Students are transported by a van or by parents.
All drivers are certified.

Q: What are the facilitators' qualifications?

All instructors have a minimum required certification in First Aid and CPR.
Lead instructors are contracted facilitators selected for specific activities.
All staff members receive background checks.

Q: Does the Adventure Club have a summer camp?

Yes. It's paired with the Girls Sports Academy.

Q: What equipment do participants need for trips?

Equipment varies according to the activity. Example: outdoor comfortable synthetic clothing & supportive footwear (for day hikes) or a sleeping bag, pad, flashlight, small mess kit (for camping)

Q: What's the cost?

Rates are available upon request.

Girls Sports Academy

Q: When does it start?

The GSA is year round, but the Summer Camp is in July.

Q: How do I sign up?

Just call the business number or email us, fill out a waiver, pay the fee and join us!

Q: What program can I participate in?

Once you join the organization, you can pick and chose which program you want or participate in them all!

General Questions

Q: What is the membership/sevice fee?

$75 for a year of service

Q: Do I have to be a member in order to participate in the programs?


Q: Is there a scholarship or a payment plan?

Yes. Please feel free to email candysadventures1@gmail.com for details.

Q: Are 7 year olds allowed to participate?

Depending on when she turns 8 and legal guardian will be required to chaperon on Adventure activities.

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