Independent Youth Flag Football League

The IYFFL gives schools and youth clubs the opportunity to play All Girls and Co-ed NFL Youth Flag Football or USFTL Contact Flag. NFL Youth Flag is played on a 30 yards x 70 yards field and offers a non-contact game. This style of play is focused on fundamental skill development and execution.

Contact Flag is played on a standard 120yds x 53 1/3yds football field and offers the same type of game as full-contact, but without fumbles (due to the lack of headgear) and complete wrap-up tackles.

The IYFFL offers youth the opportunity to learn football terminology, techniques and position responsibilities, but uses football as a tool to assist our youth with improving life skills such as; listening, effective/clear communication, critical thinking, self-confidence, self-respect and leadership.

The league is sponsored by the DC Divas, the Metro Officials Association, Jamie Nicholas Printing & Graphics, USA Football and is dedicated to promoting positive sportsmanship and camaraderie among players and coaches.

The IYFFL requires that all Student-athletes who participate have at least a 2.0 GPA.

Games are officiated by certified, experienced referees and played in a safe, well supervised environment.

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